The Bros UniteD program or BUD is a service based initiative that fosters mentorship and socialness between participants (Little Bro’s) and brothers of Theta Delta Chi (Big Bro’s). ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is five times more likely in males than females. A majority of autism professionals are female. This means that Little Bro’s do not have much time to socialize other males. The BUD program creates a weekly time for participants to hang out in a relaxed fun social setting with other males. Another idea behind the BUD program is to get the Little Bro’s excited and looking forward to college, by knowing they have friends on campus.

The Big Bro's and Little Bro's will meet each Saturday in April from 12pm-3pm for a pre-planned activity.  This will include activities like bowling, arts and crafts, swimming, picnics, etc.  This program is designed for boys on the autism spectrum ages 14-18 only. 

Here is April's Breakdown of events:

April 2, 2016: Meet and greet -  Introductions between the Big Bro’s and the Little Bro’s.  The Little Bro’s parents are more than welcome to stay for the meet and greet to ensure their son is comfortable with the group. We will provide snacks and drinks and will start to get to know our Little Bro’s by engaging in conversation starters and learning about each other’s strengths and interests.

 April 9, 2016: Team building activities and arts and crafts – To strengthen the bond and encourage confidence, we want to build up the relationship between the Little Bro’s and Big Bro’s through team building activities.

  April 16, 2016: Swimming Pool Day - This day will be all about fun in the sun! We will all meet up at a swimming pool and have a good time hanging out with the Little Bro’s swimming. We will provide snacks.

 April 23, 2016: Bowling - This day will be spent at the bowling alley. We will meet at the bowling alley for a fun day of bowling and socializing with their Big Bro’s.

April 30, 2016: Closing Ceremony - The Closing Ceremony is a way to really bring a great end to the Bros UniteD experience for both the Little Bro’s, their parents, and Big Bro’s. This is a great way to show parents the progress their sons have made socially and also a nice way to say goodbye. At this time we hope to give all the Little Bro’s a matching T-Shirt so they can always feel part of this great organization and a way to remember their time with their Big Bro’s.

If you would like to get your son involved, please fill out the registration form here.  The program is free.  There will be an intake appointment scheduled to ensure that this program will be a good fit for your son.

The Tucson Alliance for Autism is very excited to announce a partnership with Theta Delta Chi - Psi Tetraton Colony and bring its BrosUniteD program to the Tucson autism community!

The BrosUniteD program, or BUD, is a buddy program for fraternity brothers to mentor teenage boys on the spectrum.

This is a national program that was formed with the help of Autism Speaks and has been implements around the country with the Theta Delta Chi Fraternity.

BrosUniteD program

BrosUniteD and the Tucson Alliance for Autism​ - APRIL 2-30, 2016

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