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Tucson Alliance

for Autism


  • What are the best web sites and books to get more information about autism?

A list of some of the most popular books and web sites regarding autism are included on the web site of the Tucson Alliance for Autism.  Some of them include:  Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew; Understanding Autism for Dummies; Thinking in Pictures; The Out of Sync Child, Recognizing and Coping With Sensory Processing Disorder; The Speed of Dark.  Refer to the “Books” link on this web site.

  • Are there any parent support groups available?

Local support groups in the Tucson area are listed on the TAFA web page under the heading “Support Groups”.

  • Is there a person I can speak with at TAFA if I have any questions?

If you have any questions you cannot find an answer to, or if you would like to speak directly with someone to assist you, please contact TAFA at 319-5857.

  • Are there any e-mail distribution lists that provide information to the Tucson community?

The Autism Society of Greater Tucson (ASGT) Google Group list is a large e-mail distribution group that is used by TAFA and the Autism Society of Greater Tucson (ASGT) to distribute information and for individuals in the autism community to share information and resources.  Individuals are encouraged to join by logging on through the Autism Society of Greater Tucson (ASGT) web page at www.tucsonautism.org.  (Individuals can quickly and easily remove themselves from the distribution list at any time if they choose.)

  • I want to get more involved in the autism community.  How do I do that?

The Tucson Alliance for Autism is continually looking for individuals to volunteer for various events and to assist the autism community.  Additionally, both organizations continually look for qualified, committed individuals to serve of the Boards of Directors.  If you are interested in serving the autism community to affect positive change, please click on the “Get Involved” link on this web page.