Tucson Alliance

for Autism


  • What are the most common therapies or treatment programs for autism?

The most common therapies include comprehensive behavioral and/or social programs, such as ABA, SCERTS, TEACHH, and other programs.  Comprehensive behavioral programs frequently include other therapies, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and/or music therapy.

  • What is ABA?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Therapy, refers to the science of behavior.  Comprehensive behavioral programs that rely on the principles of ABA include PRT, Discrete Trial, NET, and others.  Proper ABA programs consist of research-validated methods that are specifically tailored to each individual, and are designed to change socially important behavior in meaningful ways.

  • Where can I find a list of service providers in the Tucson area?

There is a list of qualified consultants from the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

  • Why is early intervention so important?

Early intervention is defined as services delivered to children from birth to age 3, and research shows that it has a dramatic impact on reducing the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders. Studies in early childhood development have shown that the youngest brains are the most flexible. In autism, we see that intensive early intervention yields a tremendous amount of progress in children by the time they enter kindergarten, often reducing the need for intensive supports. - ASA

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